Behind the Veil Zine - Greece - Album: PARALYZED

1. january 2003

DESDEMONIA - Paralyzed

Rating: *9/10

This is the second album from Desdemonia and as the title says, you will be paralyzed. What do they play? It's something between classic heavy metal riffing, thrash elements, swedish death metal with very brutal vocals reminding me the death metal scene from Florida. It's a very good album with a good production and it's a pitty that bands like this, don't have yet a contract. I advice you to listen to them and help the underground scene spread. Songs like "Spare Me",",Paralyzed", ",Nosferatu", ",Taken" and "Z.A.O.D.K", aren't composed every day. Give the chance to these nine gems to show themselves. They deserve it!

Christine "azriel" Parastatidou

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