New website, new album, new label, new ...

29. december 2017

Dear friends,

We're happy to welcome you for 2018 on our brand new website. Much has happened over the course of the last 2 years.

During 2017, we worked hard on the songs for our new album. Very exited about the new material, we went on and recorded it during spring/summer of 2017. The mixing and mastering was done by FREDRIK NORDSTRÖM, legendary producer of bands like AT THE GATES, IN FLAMES, OPETH, ARCH ENEMY, HAMMERFALL at Fredman Studios in Gothenburg, Sweden. Fredrik, forefather of the so-called "Göteborg-sound", has given our songs an agressive and tight yet clear sound that suits them perfectly.

Fall of 2017, we signed a record deal with Scaninavia's premier rock & metal label Mighty Music Records in Copenhagen, Denmark. From now on, our new labelmates will be BLITZKRIEG, TYGERS OF PAN TANG and NO RETURN. Our new partners in crime at Mighty Music will release our new record on 23rd MARCH 2018.

Since 2015, we play and are endorsed by SKG-Serpent King Guitars  from Zuidwolde, The Netherlands. They build great costumized guitars that we have used on our new album.

Whew! Happy 2018 to y'all!

new website
new album
Mighty Music
Fredrik Norström
Fredman Studios
SKG Guitars
At the Gates
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