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Pull the chain Magazine - Belgium - Album: Paralyzed

1. january 2002

DESDEMONIA: "Paralyzed" - Self produced

There is no doubt, if you like trash - death metal combination, you will dig this one. I was already quite impressed with the band's energy on stage. DESDEMONIA is above all, a live act with a huge and contageous dose of energy. Those four natives from Luxembourg must feature amongst the the coolest musicians of the whole european scene. On the musical ground, DESDEMONIA incorporates elements of trash and core music(s) within the traditional death metal borders. I don't often praise the virtues of syncopated brutal death metal, but this "Paralyzed" does really deserve your attention and your money. 

It's eventually quite difficult to compare the music of "Paralyzed" to other releases as they have their own sound and songwriting. Very good. -g-

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