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Still Online issue 34 - Belgium - Album:PARALYZED

1. january 2002

Desdemonia (L) // cd: Paralized

This a release that must be heard a lot of times to feel all the things in the music. I was also a bit surprised when I heard this because I know this band as a very entusiastic, catchy and melodic band deathmetal band with a lot of brutal touches. The cd is less melodic but even brutal as live on stage but without the extremely entusiasm they show on stage. Also this cd is less melodic than the first one. The sound is darker, with a lot of melodic repetetive parts, deep grunts and some screams and long instrumental passages. As in the first cd they used also some special effects in their guitar sound. The band shows also a own personality in this midtempo played melodic deathmetal with a combination of brutal and calm parts. For sure it is a band that have lack on the trends and is doing it's own thing. 

After 20 times of listening I have still the feeling that I didn't hear everything they put in the music. Check it out if you are looking for non trendy deathmetal. Desdemonia (contact@desdemonia.net)

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