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VAMPIRE-MAGAZINE - USA - Album: Paralyzed

1. march 2002

DESDEMONIA/Paralyzed (39 :26)


Another band that releases it's album on it's own. Desdemonia hail from Luxembourg, a small country near to Belgium and Holland. They've released one demo and their debut albun so far. On their second record they offer us 9 tracks of death metal with some trash and black influences . Not the technical stuff like the US death metal and also not the simple stuff like Six Feet Under but somewhere in between. In the fast parts they often remind me the old Krabathor stuff, catchy shit. But Desdemonia also uses acoustic parts and other melodic parts in several songs which sounds really cool. It's quite difficult to compare them to other bands so they have their own sound. The last song is a traditional song and judging from the lyrics it's a drinking hymn, cheerz ! Yeah, a pretty cool release, death-freaks won't be disappointed by this album.

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