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Vae Solis Magazine - Russia - Album:PARALYZED

1. march 2002

Self-released/ rating : 5,5/6

Death Metal band from Luxembourg ? Must be something outstanding, mustn't it ? Unfortunality, most often the more you expect the less you get. Especially when it comes to the variety of metal acts emerging from formely relatively unknown or yet undiscovered countries, unknown and undiscovered in terms of metal scene. Well, now prepare yourself ! No, better sit down. Yeah, that's better. Let me say that this WAS NOT a disappointment. Not at all. Self-released CD assaulting you with finest death metal with an own face and nearly shockind diversity. I bet you didn't expect things turn out this way. But they did. DESDEMONIA chaps don't limit themselves within the bounds of death metal, as one and only style worth a thousand years worship, no, they turn it into a huge melting pot adding some core, black and trash metal elements, and surprise or not, Paralyzed strikes as incredibly refreshing and catchy effort in the end. And nowadays, when each single genres which had been actually let be a genre, is slowly but inevitably stagnating, sucking blood of it's own veins, DESDEMONIA's challenge seems to be even more exciting than it could ever possibly be. A MUST.

Kai Stahlhammar

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