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Beyond Zine - Belgium - Album: Paralyzed

1. april 2002

Style: Death Metal 

Format: self produced CD 

Lenght: 39'24" 

Country: Luxemburg 

Contact: Desdemonia c/o Dosser Bros, 1 rue Im Gehr, 7357 Helmdange, Luxemburg. 

Desdemonia comes to us from Luxemburg… but small country doesn't necessarily add up to small band. "Paralysed", the second album of the Death Metal quatuor, is there to prove this for it's alive and kicking. The only small thing one could hold against it is that it lacks some catchiness, despite the load of good ideas and original plans it holds. Globally, the final result is a very clean one and some study and preparation obviously went into that. As far as I'm concerned, I particularly like the calmer, more atmospheric parts where you can clearly tell that the band appreciates variation. The transitions are subtle, a criterion that I dearly value. Some clean parts (instrumentals, often) bring me back to spheres only mythical bands like Anacrusis are able to create. Tom Dosser (bassist and singer of the band) is shouldered by his brother Marc (guitar). Together, they make a nice guttural duo, avoiding useless bombast that would risk denaturing the compositions. Next to the eight songs, the CD also features a surprising Metal version of "Zu Arel Op Der Knippchen”" Enough there to dance all night drinking pint after pint.

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