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Music Extreme Zine - Argentina - Album :Paralyzed

1. may 2002

DESDEMONIA - PARALYZED (Independent, 2001) 

Produced by Desdemonia 

Recorded at Prosecco Studios 

Artwork byM.Dosser and Oli Scheeck 

Tracks: 1- Intangible, 2- Take Your Time, 3- Behind, 4- Spare Me, 5- No Retreat, 6- Paralyzed, 7- Nosferatu, 8- Taken, 9- 2.A.0.D.K. 

Directly from Luxembourg comes Desdemonia. Their music is brutal death metal but it has many thrash and heavy metal touches in the riffs (there are parts in which they use wah wah in the guitars, like on "Intangible"). The riffs go beyond what one is expecting and when you wait them to accelerate they surprise with a melody or guitar phrase. The drummer is killer and has a lot of skills with the double bass (using some difficult patterns in many of the tracks). There are also some rock elements like on the beginning of "Behind" and there interesting clean guitar parts . Can we call this style progressive brutal death metal? Why not? I think that it fits this music perfectly, because it has many interesting parts that go beyond the style and explore new boundaries. Favorite tracks: "Intangible", "Take Your Time" and "Nosferatu". 

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