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ALUZINE Magazine - Mexico - Album: PARALYZED

1. january 2003

The first thing that I was come to mind when this CD listens it was: Impressive!! as the title of the CD "Paralyzed" you will be s paralyzed when listening this, 9 tracks of Death Metal with very technical elements and without lack  an influence Thrash, toward time that a  band Death, didn't please me so much, quick parts, at half time, guttural and sharp voices (Black) adorned with cool riffs and in occasions acoustic guitars, they try to create its own sound mixing elements of the Swedish school with the aggressiveness of the American Death, the result is totally positive, to be produced by the same band, it is not but that to congratulate them, its sound is impeccable (almost perfect) the same as its presentation (although the cover is horrible) but that is it, its music has quality and variety, it is not of the wave trend that attack us day with day, obtain it where you see it, kills for it!!!

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