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Black Hole Magazine -Brazil - Album: PARALYZED

1. april 2003



Self Released CD Rating: 10/10

Pump up the volume and feel your loudspeakers blowing down! This is an excellent Death Metal band from Luxembourg, formed in 1994 by Tom Michels (drums). The present line-up is completed by Marc Dosser (guitars/ backing vocals), Tom Dosser (bass/ lead vocals) and Oli Scheek (guitars). Having gigged with bands like Krisiun, Soilwork and Dying Fetus, these crazy guys show a vigorous and ultra-heavy Death, played with extreme determination and creativity.

Most of their songs are slower than the normal hyperspeed Death ones, but I’m sure that even the most angriest brutal freak will notice in this self-released album the true squeezing energy of the mentioned style. After the first or the second song you’ll be banging your head entirely taken by their amazingly catchy musicality.

The musicians are skilled and know how to give the band a proper sound. For an independent release, the artwork, the production and the sound quality are really cool, and the final result will not disappoint the most demanding listeners. It’s pretty difficult to point the best tracks, because they are all in the same level.

Besides these intense spanking tunes, there’s also a Death Metal version for a traditional Luxembourgian song (“Zu Arel Op Der Knippchen”) sung in their mother tongue. Personally, Desdemonia is one of the best and most creative bands in the current Death Metal scene. Hurry up and check out this nice surprise! Labels, please, they are looking for a deal and really deserve one. (CP) 10/10

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