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Abbey Metal show / heavymetal.lu Reviews - Luxembourg - Album: EXISTENCE

1. may 2010

Band: Desdemonia
Album: Existence
Total Points : 8,3 / 10
10 songs: Symbiosis - Overload - Forever - Deep Down - Silence - Existence - Dare To Fail - My Enemy - Lay Down Your Crown - Angel
It took 9 years to create this album, Tom, Tom, Oliver and Marc produced an enormous piece of metal here, it was such a pleasure to listen to all those tracks, some pieces are faster, the other with a tiny more doomy sound, AND a song called My Enemy, which I have to say, is my favourite in the whole album, such songs as Existence, Symbiosis and more really kick ass too.
It's not a surprise at all, Desdemonia kicks ass again, this album proofs it well. 10 songs to make you bang whereever you wanna listen to this album. Obligatory to have this piece in your metal collection.....
Notes of Jury:
Master Of Puppets 9/10
Joe 8/10
Jim 7/10
Luca 8/10
Wutz 8/10
Chris 7/10
Beppo 9/10
Danny 9/10
Jessica 9/10
Fab 9/10
Total Points : 8,3 / 10

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