Upcoming DESDEMONIA appearances on Television and Radio

16. april 2010

As part of the release of their new Album, DESDEMONIA will appear in the next 2 weeks on a number of Luxembourg Radiostations and on TV. You'll hear about the work that went into that album, funny facts and exclusive playback of some new songs. Be sure to tune in on the following dates:

19/04/2010 18: 40 TV: RTL Tëlé Lëtzeburg show "20 Vir"

24/04/2010 23: 00 Radio: Honnert komma 7

25/04/2010 14: 00 Radio: Ara - Der Däiwel steet virun der Dir

25/04/2010 20: 00 Radio: Aktiv 106. 5

29/04/2010 14: 15 Radio: DNR

30/04/2010 20: 00 Radio: ELDORADIO

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