Desdemonia - Death Metal from Luxembourg

Take old school death metal, add a healthy dose of groove, a pinch of thrash and round it up with a lot of melody…and you’ll get the powerful essence of Desdemonia.
After years of efforts and experiences, Desdemonia’s fourth longplayer “Anguish” is set to be released in March 2018 via Mighty Music.
On their new record, the quartet yet again combines catchiness with raw, vicious riffage and grim weighty vocals, while more quiet and melodic moments give their music the right dynamics. The aggressive and gloomy atmosphere is being underlined by lyrics that explore the fears and dark thoughts of the human mind. This contemporary issue being universal, all four band members shared their thoughts and contributed to the lyrics. 
Confident about their new material and with unbroken passion for the music of their roots, the four musicians recorded their material in spring/summer of 2017.
Looking for a massive sound, the band got in touch with legendary Swedish producer Fredrik Nordström (At The Gates, In Flames, Arch Enemy, Opeth, Dimmu Borgir, Hammerfall, Architects and many more). He mixed and mastered the 9 new songs at his Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden and gave the album the aggressive yet clear sound it deserves.
After negotiating with some record companies that were interested in their new material, Desdemonia finally chose to sign a worldwide record deal with Denmark’s premier metal label Mighty Music in late 2017.
Influenced by the early and mid-nineties American and European death metal scene, Desdemonia‘s sound can be described as a mix of catchy stuff like Amon Amarth, straight forward At The Gates-like beats and more old school oriented melodies and groove in the vein of Dissection or Bolt Thrower. However, Desdemonia never try to keep pace with changing trends but cut their own path instead.
Over the last two decades, the pioneers of the small but lively Luxembourgish metal scene  built up a strong fan base in the metal underground, releasing a demo and three studio albums, that got them the opportunity to play with bands like Soilwork, Gorefest, Apocalyptica, Heaven Shall Burn, In Extremo, Hail of Bullets, Dismember, Sinister, Mayhem, Krisiun and many more.
Desdemonia are excited to share their powerful new album with new fans and to conquer new territories; determined to put their mark on the death metal scene.
Desdemonia are:
Tom Dosser – vocals, bass
Marc Dosser – guitars, vocals
David Wagner – guitars
Tom Michels – drums
1997 : INFINITY'S REGARD, demo-tape
1998 : SAME, CD
2018 : ANGUISH, CD
Comments on Desdemonia’s music:
"The BeNeLux quartet (. . . ) lets the genre-wheel roll in all possible directions, without any limitations and with a lot of freshness. Typical patterns of the death metal genre are simply steamrolled"
- RockHard Magazine
"Desdemonia will blow you away"- Legacy Magazine
"Existence is an album that sounds surprisingly mature, that needs to be heard in constant rotation and that never gets boring"- neckbreaker.de
"This death metal opus doesn't need to hide behind the big names like Bolt Thrower & Co. It's aggressive as well as groovy"- Eternity Music Zine
“Desdemonia makes you wanna bang your head, drink a beer and bang more head all at the same time. Heavy groovy metal which makes you wanna hear more!”- Michiel van der Plicht (God Dethroned)

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Postal adress:

DESDEMONIA c/o Dosser Bros.
7, rue de la vallée
L-8046 Strassen

Tel: ++352/691/33 77 58
Fax: ++352/27 39 78 59

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David Wagner - guitars
Tom Dosser - vocals/bass
Tom Michels - drums
Marc Dosser - guitars